EBI’s Academic Conference on “REGULATING AND SUPERVISING CAPITAL MARKETS IN THE EU: TRENDS AND CHALLENGES” discussed some of the most significant trends of Capital Markets in the EU and their implications in terms of regulation, supervision and enforcement. It focused on some of the major issues currently being addressed in the context of the revised Capital Markets Union project, and on related topics that are setting the agenda of the Union for the near future.


SESSION III – Capital Markets and ESG Finance Moderator: Blanaid Clarke (EBI & Trinity College Dublin) • Issuers’ sustainability reporting standards Edgar Löw (EBI & Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) • Sustainability in credit ratings and benchmarks David Ramos Muñoz (EBI & University Carlos III, Madrid) • ESMA’s mandate in sustainable finance Michele Siri (EBI & University of Genoa)

ROUND-TABLE – EFFECTIVENESS AND ENFORCEMENT Moderator: Luís Morais (EBI & University of Lisbon) • Enforcement and proportionality in the light of the recent ECJ’s jurisprudence Marco Lamandini (EBI & University of Bologna) • Conduct rules and private enforcement: an open debate Veerle Colaert (EBI & KU Leuven University) • Enforcement and supervision in the de-centralised world Francesca Medda (UCL Institute of Finance and Technology) • The prevention of market abuse: the role of RegTech and SupTech Matteo Gargantini (EBI ARG & University of Genoa) • The role of financial literacy Rolf Sethe (EBI & University of Zurich)

CONCLUDING REMARKS Filippo Annunziata – Christos Gortsos