EBI BrieFin #2 – July 2019


1. The Comprehensive View
The Future of Data-Driven Finance: Building Better Financial Systems and Better Financial Regulation (Ross P Buckley, Douglas W Arner, Dirk A Zetzsche)

2. The Practice View
Crypto Assets – Is National Bespoke Regulation Necessary? (Dr. Gabriele Apfelbacher, Dr. Valentin Pfisterer)

3. The Regulators’ View
Regulating financial services in the age of FinTech (Diego Valiante)

4. Young Researchers’ Reflections
4.1. Video-games in the hands of investment firms: An alternative way to assess the suitability of investors (Promitheas Peridis)
4.2. Artificial Intelligence Meets Digital Finance in Unchartered Territory: How to Keep it Legal? (Tsany Ratna Dewi)
4.3. Harnessing the Potential of SMEs Finance: A Glimpse into the European Crowdfunding Regime (Ana Odorović)