EBI Insights – Spring 2021

Magnifying Glass


BrieFin # 6 is available here.

EBI first e-bookPandemic Crisis and Financial Stability” edited by Prof. Dr. Christos Gortsos and Prof. Dr. Georg Ringe.

The Banking Union and EU Courts update was published on 1st June 2020. This list seeks to enhance the transparency of the cases pending before, or decided by, the Union Courts in the area of the EU banking union and to offer a tool to academics and practitioners to search these cases.

EBI Report on the ‘Pandemic Crisis-related Economic Policy and Financial Regulation Measures: International, EU and Euro Area Levels’.

On the communication front

Website alerts are in the process of being set up which will inform you monthly about the developments of the EBI’s activities as stated on the EBI website. We hope that you will find this a practical and informative way of catching up with the EBI’s news!