EBI Insights – Winter 2019

Magnifying Glass


EBI Global Annual Conference on Banking Regulation, 21-22 February, in Frankfurt:

A special note for the EBI Young Researchers Annual Workshop on Banking and Financial Regulation on 22-23 February in Frankfurt:
The EBI Young Researchers Workshop will benefit from the participation of senior scholars and experienced practitioners attending the EBI Global Annual Conference. Both EBI professors and conference participants will act as discussants to the papers selected for presentation in the Workshop.

Addressing the Global Challenge of Responsive FinTech Regulation 8 March 2019, in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland:
https://ebi-europa.eu/event/call-for- apersaddressing-the-global- hallenge-ofresponsive-intech-regulation/

The Future of Financial Services in the UK and EU after Brexit, 1st April, in London, co-organised by ESFRC, EBI, LSE and CCLS/QMUL

Joint session on FinTechs perspectives, 28-29 March, in Bucharest, co-organised with Bucharest University of Economic Studies during the annual International Finance and Banking Conference FIBA

In the pipeline

Current trends of financial supervision in the EU – From risk control to risk sharing, 4 July, University of Lisbon

Macroprudential supervision in the SSM, 7 June, University of Antwerp