Classes will be held by:

  • European academics with recognised experience and expertise in banking law;
  • experts from the Bank of Italy, the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the European Financial Supervisory Authorities and the Single Resolution Mechanism with particular experience and expertise in legal, regulatory or policy matters in banking;
  • experts from leading credit institutions, consultancy firms or law firms with recognized experience in banking law;
  • members and staff of the Arbitro Bancario Finanziario.

List of confirmed lecturers:

Marco Lamandini (Director of the Executive Master, EBI and University of Bologna), Niccolò Abriani (University of Florence), Silvia Allegrezza (University of Luxembourg), Filippo Annunziata (EBI and Bocconi University), Riccardo Basso (Bank of Italy), Simone Bertolotti (La Scala), Giorgio Buono (European Central Bank), Olina Capolino (Bank of Italy), Stefano Cappiello (Ministry of Economy and Finance), Vincenzo Cariello (Catholic University of Milan and Unicredit), Luciana Cipolla (La Scala), Renzo Costi (University of Bologna), Raffaele D’Ambrosio (Bank of Italy and EBI), Alessandra De Aldisio (Bank of Italy), Federico Della Negra (EBI and European Central Bank), Gianni Di Battista (Intesa San Paolo), Vittorio Di Bucci (European Commission), Anna Gardella (European Banking Authority, EBI and Catholic University of Milan), Sabrina Galmarini (La Scala), Matteo Gargantini (Utrecht University), Jochen Kindermann (Simmons&Simmons), Giulia Lasagni (University of Bologna), Enrico Leone (EBI and Simmons&Simmons), Domenica Lista (Banca Generali), Marcello Marinari (ABF-Bologna Panel), Marco Martino (University of Bologna), Patrizio Messina (Orrick), Luis Morais (EBI, University of Lisbon and SRB Appeal Panel), Marcello Naldini (Intesa San Paolo), Stefania Papa (Deloitte), Patrizia Pasquini (Prometeia), Marino Perassi (Bank of Italy and EBI), Marco Pesenti (La Scala), Federico Pistelli (University of Florence), Alessandro Pomelli (University of Bologna), David Ramos Muñoz (EBI and University Carlos III Madrid), Luca Sirotti (Studio legale Bricola), René Smits (European Central Bank, EBI and University of Amsterdam), Nicola Soldati (University of Bologna and ABF-Bologna Panel), Myrte Thijssen (previously SRB), Alberto Toffoletto (University of Milano and NCTM), Diego Valiante (European Commission e University of Bologna), Francesco Vella (University of Bologna), Karl-Philip Wojcik (European Commission) and Chiara Zilioli (European Central Bank)