EBI Monthly Review – December 2022 & January 2023

The EBI Monthly Review offers a summary of the Institute’s activity during the past month.

EBI Book Series

“Alternative Lending – Risks, Supervision, and Resolution of Debt Funds”

The EBI proudly announces the publication of its third book in the EBI Studies in Banking and Capital Markets Law series entitled: “Alternative Lending – Risks, Supervision, and Resolution of Debt Funds”, edited by Promitheas Peridis, Ph.D.


The book covers alternative lending using the emergence of Debt Funds in the EU as a case study. It explores the risks that they can pose to financial stability, and the regulatory and supervisory tools available to mitigate these risks. Through this analysis, the book uncovers the risks and potential risk mitigation tools that can be applied to alternative lenders–including debt funds and other potential alternative lenders.

identifying the reasons behind the growth of alternative lenders (using as an example the assets of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and in particular debt funds) and the simultaneous decrease of the banks’ assets, the book analyses the systemic importance of the alternative lenders and the risk channels through which the systemic risk can spread to the banking sector and the financial system. 

Then, the book deals with the financial innovation-market failure theory and demonstrates that financial innovations (e.g. debt funds, securitisations) can cause market failures, resulting in regulatory interventions.

Of interest to banking and financial regulation academics, researchers, and practitioners this book analyses the regulatory provisions in place for both credit institutions and debt funds, including the Basel Accords, the Capital Requirements Directives and Regulations, and the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) and its implementation in various EU jurisdictions, before offering a proposal for a new three-defensive framework applicable to debt funds and to other potential alternative lenders.

EBI Book Series

“Digitalisation, Sustainability, and the Banking and Capital Markets Union – Thoughts on Current Issues of EU Financial Regulation”

The EBI proudly announces the publication of its fourth book in the EBI Studies in Banking and Capital Markets Law series entitled: “Digitalisation, Sustainability, and the Banking and Capital Markets Union – Thoughts on Current Issues of EU Financial Regulation”, edited by Dr. Lukas Böffel, LL.M. (Berkeley) (Member of the EBI Associated Researchers Group) and Dr. Jonas Schürger (Member of the EBI Young Researchers Group).

This book covers three topics that have dominated financial market regulation and supervision debates: digital finance, sustainable finance, and the Banking and Capital Markets Union.

Within the first part, seven chapters will tackle specific questions arising in digital finance, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, tokenisation, and international regulatory cooperation in digital financial services.

The second part addresses one of humanity’s most pressing issues today: the climate crisis. The quest for sustainable finance is driven by political actors and a common understanding that climate change is a severe threat. As financial institutions are a cornerstone of human interaction, they are in the regulatory spotlight. The chapters explore sustainability in EU banking and insurance regulation, the interrelationship between systemic risk and sustainability, and the ‘greening’ of EU monetary policy.

The third part analyses two projects that have led to huge structural changes in the European financial market architecture over the last decade: the European Banking Union and Capital Markets Union. This transformation has raised numerous legal questions that can only gradually be answered in all their intricacies. In four chapters, the third part of this book examines composite procedures, property rights of depositors in banking resolution, preemptive financing arrangements, and the phenomenon of subsidiarisation in the context of Brexit.

Of interest to academics, policymakers, practitioners, and students in the field of EU financial regulation, banking law, securities law, and regulatory law, this book offers a compilation of analyses on pressing banking and capital markets law problems.

EBI Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series #132
“Evolving key risks in the banking sector, and related priorities for the SRB: the impact of the current ‘inflation crisis’”
Christos Gortsos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

EBI Regulatory Report

The focus of the EBI’s Regulatory Report is on updating you about the latest economic policy and financial regulation measures in Europe, taking into account the most significant global initiatives and financial standards by key international organisations and financial fora

Find the report archive relating to the period up to 31 August 2021 here

Upcoming Events

9th EBI Academic Debate:
The Euro at Twenty: Croatia’s Accession to Monetary Union

with Marina Tkalec (Institute of Economics, Zagreb) and Maroje Lang (Croatian National Bank)

Date: 14 February 2023
Time: 14:00 – 15:15 (CET)

EBI Master in EU Banking & Financial Regulation (LLM)

The EBI ist delighted to share that our master’s programme, a collaboration with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, has been renewed for next year. It focuses, among others, on the foundations of financial systems, EU banking, capital markets and insurance regulation and supervision, EU central banking policies, and ‘ESG’ in the financial system.

The applications for the academic year 2023-24 are now open!