EBI Regulatory Report #179

EBI Report
Economic Policy and Financial Regulation Measures:
International, EU and Euro Area Levels
(8 June 2024)

Professor Dr. Christos V. Gortsos and Daphne Farmaki
(Law School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

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Main developments during the week 3 – 7 June 2024:

7 June
  • ECB/Eurosystem: TARGET Annual Report 2023
  • ECB/SSM: Annual Report on Sanctioning Activities in the SSM in 2023
  • ESAs: Joint Annual Report for 2023
6 June
  • ECB/Eurosystem: Monetary policy decisions
  • Eurosystem staff macroeconomic projections for the euro area, June 2024
  • EBA: consultation on the new framework for the operational risk loss as part of the implementation of the EU Banking Package
  • EBA: publication of governance regulatory products under the MiCAR
5 June
  • BIS Innovation Hub: Project mBridge reaches minimum viable product stage and invites further international participation
  • EBA: publication of plan for the implementation of the data point model 2.0
  • ESAs and ENISA: Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen cooperation and information exchange
  • IOSCO: Good Practices to improve trading venues’ resilience in case of Market Outages
4 June
  • Financial Stability Board (FSB): Remarks on Artificial Intelligence in Finance
  • BIS Innovation Hub: Project Rialto: improving instant cross-border payments using wholesale CBDC settlement
  • ESAs: call for enhanced supervision and improved market practice on sustainability-related claims
3 June
  • BIS: Latest update June 2024 – Innovation, Basel II and cross-border payments
  • ECB/SSM: consultation on outsourcing cloud services
  • EBA and ESMA: invitation of comments on the review of the investment firms prudential framework
  • IOSCO: Final Report on Leveraged Loans and CLOs Good Practices for Consideration