CIRSF Annual International Conference 2021 – EBI Europe

Joint Invitation

CIRSF (Research Centre on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Sector), based in Lisbon, holds on 30th September 2021 its usual Annual Conference which purports to take stock of the major developments and trends each year in the field of regulation and supervision of the financial sector. While we do expect next year (2022) to resume our usual physical format of the CIRSF Annual Conference and, accordingly, to welcome you then in Lisbon, this year the Conference will still be held in a digital format, together with our scientific and institutional partners (Bank of Portugal and Portuguese Securities Commission/CMVM), and in cooperation, as in previous years, with the Frankfurt-based European Banking Institute (EBI).

Beside these usual partners, we are also actively cooperating with the Florence School of Banking and Finance of the European University Institute, and the Berlin based Financial Risk and Stability (FRS) network.

We purport to critically discuss the role of the financial sector in the post-Covid 19 European economic recovery and the tensions to which it may be submitted, looking ahead on how to pave the way to the completion of a true Banking Union, of a newly conceived Capital Markets Union and also decisively reforming the governance of EMU. For that purpose, and as usual in every annual Conference, we are bringing together Regulators, high-level Academics and Stakeholders in these fields.

The full program along with registration details can be found here:

CIRSF-Conference-30 September-2021