EBI WEBINAR INVITATION: Roundtable Discussion on Thursday, 21 May at 17:00 CEST – EBI Europe


 EBI Roundtable on the recent German Constitutional Court’s Ruling
on the ECB 2015 “Public Sector Purchase Program”

The European Banking Institute (EBI) is delighted to invite you to our panel discussion on the landmark judgment by the German Federal Constitutional Court regarding the Public Sector Purchase Programme (PSPP)



Date: Thursday, 21 May 2020

Time: 17:00 CEST



Event password: EBI-event



The session will take place on our webinar platform, Webex. You will hear from a great line-up of panel guests from academia and central banks:

  • Filippo Annunziata (EBI, Universita’ Bocconi)
  • Luis Barroso (Banco de Portugal)
  • Gareth Davies (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Christos Gortsos (President of the Academic Board (EBI) and National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
  • Thomas Gstaedtner (President of the Supervisory Board (EBI))
  • Christos Hadjiemmanuil (EBI,University of Piraeus and Member of the Monetary Policy Council in the Bank of Greece)
  • Bart Joosen (EBI, VU University Amsterdam)
  • Matthias Lehmann (EBI, University of Bonn)
  • Georg Ringe (EBI, University of Hamburg)
  • Marino Perassi (EBI, General Counsel of Bank of Italy)
  • Eddy Wymeersch (EBI, Universiteit Gent)



Opening remarks will be made by Thomas Gstaedtner and Professor Christos Gortsos.

First PanelThe Court’s competences, the Ruling and its consequences for monetary policy making (Moderator: Eddy Wymmersch)
  • The control of monetary policy by courts, and the limits of the competences of the BVerfG (Gareth Davies)
  • The mandate of the ECB and the mandate of the CJEU: Limited by the principle of proportionality? (Matthias Lehmann)
  • Legal (i.e. non-consequentialist) reasons for which the decision of the BVerfG is patently wrong (Christos Hadjiemmanuil)
  • Τhe economic and political context and the consequences of the decision (Georg Ringe)
Second PanelThe broader picture and link to further jurisprudence (Moderator: Bart Joosen)
  • Landeskreditbank and Weiss: towards a common set of principles for the judicial review of the ECB’s decision in the fields of monetary policy and supervision?(Filippo Annunziata)
  • Dialogue among European Court of Justice and national Constitutional courts – the case of preservation of financial stability in the Italian judicial saga of “Banche popolari” (Marino Perassi)
  • European integration clauses and the role of principles in national constitutional review – the case of Portugal during the financial crisis (Luis Barroso)


The event is open to all, feel free to forward the invitation to colleagues.

We hope you will join us.


Supervisory Board of the European Banking Institute:

Thomas Gstaedtner, President

Enrico Leone, Chancellor