Major Trends in Regulation and Supervision of Financial Sector – 2017 and Beyond – EBI Europe

Lisbon, 1 June 2017 ‘Mayor Trends in Regulation and Supervision of Financial Sector – 2017 and Beyond’

jointly organised with Banco de Portugal and the Portuguese Authority of Insurance and Pension Funds (ASF)

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EBI- Lisbon Conference Programme (EL 02 05 17)-Rev-12may-2017

Conference Presentations:

Opening Speech: Prof José Figueiredo Almaça (ASF Chairman)

Luís Silva Morais: Grandes tendências da supervisão e regulação do setor financeiro em 2017e próximos desenvolvimentos

Pentti Hakkarainen: How the world’s biggest banking sector (outside China) is supervised

Carlos Montalvo Rebuelta: Status and prospects of insurance regulation and supervision: prudential and conduct dimensions

Andrea Enria: NPLs in the banking sector – Where there is a will, there is a way: completing the repair of the banking sector in Europe

Carlos Costa: Evolução do quadro regulatório, estabilidade financeira e desenvolvimento económico

Danny Busch: Liability of Financial Supervisors within the Single Supervisory Mechanism

Brendon Pinch: Resolution planning: legal framework and practical experience

Marco Lamandini and David Ramos Munoz: How to address NPLs: The experience of the Italian and Spanish banking sectors

César Henriques: Macroprudencial surveillance in the insurance sector

Pedro Gustavo Teixeira: The ECB’s accountability and transparency in practice

Josina Kamerling: The 2017 review of the European supervisory authorities

Veerle Colaert: Recent trends in Investor Protection Regulation

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