4th “Spring Talks” on Banking, Insurance and Financial Law (Day 4 of 4) – EBI Europe

Fourth Talk


Understanding Sustainability in Financial Sector

A Joint EBI and EUSFiL Event

EUSFiL Best Papers Awards



on 9 May  2022

15:00–17:00 pm (CET)

(venue: WebEX Events)


pw: SpringTalk#4



Antonella Sciarrone Alibrandi and David Ramos Muñoz: Presentation of papers and discussion and moderation of the follow-up debate

  • Marleen Och, Ronse Institute for Company and Financial Law Faculty of Law KU Leuven: Sustainable Finance and the EU Taxonomy Regulation – Hype or Hope?
  • Antonio Davola, University of Bari: The promise and perils of sustainable disclosure for retail investors. Does the sustainable financial disclosure framework tackle, or rather promote, greenwashing?
  • Niccolò Cirillo: University of Brescia: You can’t have your cake and eat it too: Why regulatory capital and TLAC/MREL debt instruments can’t be authentically “green” (and environmentally conducive), and how to properly factor climate change (and environmental) risks within the components of credit institutions’ Loss Absorbing Capacity stack


Michele Siri: End of Spring Talks – Concluding Remarks


See full “Spring Talks Programme here.