Supervision and Regulation of the Financial Sector in the EU and Worldwide – 2018 and Beyond – EBI Europe

6 June 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

“Supervision and Regulation of the Financial Sector in the EU and Worldwide – 2018 and Beyond”

A conference organised with the support of Banco de Portugal (Bank of Portugal), the Portuguese Authority of Insurance and Pension Funds (ASF) and the Portuguese Securities Commission (CMVM) in the context of their scientific partnership with CIRSF – Research Centre in Regulation

To view Programme: EBI – Lisbon Conference Programme (6 June 2018) (final)


Luís Silva Morais – Temas e objetivos centrais da Conferência CIRSF 2018 – Que caminho para uma supervisão eficiente do setor financeiro

Gabriela Figueiredo Dias

José Almaça

Gabriel Bernardino – European supervision in a changing environment

Charles Goodhart – Have the Regulatory Authorities Done Enough?

Chiara Zilioli – Complementarity and friction points- banking regulators and banking supervisors in the EU institutional structure

Rosa María Lastra – Regulatory Developments Impacting Central Banking

Elisa Ferreira – Banking Union at a crossroads

Pentti Hakkarainen – The digitalizatioan of Banking – Supervisory implications

Frank Grund – Implementation of Solvency II – The way forward for insurers and supervisors

Colin Ellis – Are European Authorities Credible? A Market Perspective

Verena Ross – Towards a genuine single European financial market – the role of regulation and supervision

Raffaele D’Ambrosio – The maintenance of the structural and functional parallelism among ESAs despite the misalignment in the current and proposed allocation of supervisory tasks