News: EBI/TSI Sponsored Research Programme

Newspaper on laptop computer

EBI proudly announces the nominations of two further researchers for the EBI/TSI Sponsored Programme on Securitisation.

Following the successful launch in June 2020 of the first EBI/TSI Sponsored Research Programme in the areas of securitisation and capital markets union in cooperation with TSI (True Sale International), the selection of the researchers was conducted out of a list of high-profile candidates. This research project is again being sponsored by the Capital Markets Union Foundation Project undertaken by three Foundations and is academically driven by EBI.

This year, the Boards of the three Foundations have decided to fund the research projects of two candidates, namely: 

  • Dr. Promitheas Peridis, European University Institute, Law Department, and is part of the EBI network, will carry out his research project on “Securitization in the era of Blockchain: Credit funds, CLOs, Tokenization, and the question of investor protection and financial stability.“, and 
  • Mr. Thomas Papadogiannis-Varouchakis, University College London, whose research work will focus on “The Regulation of Securitisation and other Comparable Financial Instruments: Effects on the European Financial Market“.

Dr. Peridis and Mr. Papadogiannis-Varouchakis will each receive a grant in the amount of EUR 5.000 sponsored by the Foundations. They will also benefit from the academic and professional support of the EBI and TSI networks.

The nomination was the result of a thorough assessment process which was carried out by a selection committee composed of highly reputed EBI academics and practitioners. The personal merits of the candidates were taken into account, as well as the quality of their submitted project research.

The President of the Academic Board of EBI, Prof. Dr. Christos Gortsos, commented upon the outcome of the selection process: “We are glad to continue our cooperation with TSI and the Capital Markets Union Foundation Project on the jointly Sponsored Programme on Securitisation. The call for interest attracted yet again high-level applicants. I trust that the candidates selected will deliver research papers promoting the academic discussion in this field up to our expectations.”

EBI, TSI and the Capital Markets Union Foundation Project plan to jointly continue this Sponsored Research Programme on an annual basis as they both aim for a fruitful and long-standing co-operation.