YRG PhD Series


On behalf of the Young Researchers Group, we are happy to formally invite you to the first

EBI YRG Virtual Workshop Session | PhD Series No. 1

on Friday, 7th May 2021

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(the password is "vwsphd1")

The aim of this new format is to share to a broader public the essential takeaways of the research conducted regarding the PhD projects of fellows of the YRG. Part of the event and critical discussants will be members of the Academic Board and of the newly founded Associate Researchers Group (ARG). Of course, since this event is organized open access, attendees are warmly invited to discuss together with the discussants and the panelist. In this way, we hope to have a high-level and fruitful discussion on current core topics of the European Banking Institute that is valuable for both academia and practice.

In this first edition, Katarzyna Parchimowicz (University of Wroclaw) will present the key findings of her PhD thesis, which she will defend in a couple of weeks. Her PhD thesis and therefore also her presentation will be entitled:

Regulation of global systemically important banks in the USA and in the EU

Global systemically important banks (G-SIBs) are arguably the most influential entities in the world of finance. This thesis explores their nature, as well as US and EU G-SIB-specific regulation, in order to assess whether these rules adequately address G-SIB individualism. In this respect, said dissertation constitutes a comprehensive comparative analysis of G-SIB-oriented provisions on capital, large exposures, TLAC and supervisory aspects. As many rules turn out to remain too general, it points to supervisory discretion prescribed in these provisions, that allows authorities to adjust them accordingly. However, it is noticeable that the supervisors do not exercise their powers in this regard. This thesis attempts to answer why they do not use tools at their disposal and what could be done to encourage them to act.

Katarzyna is a PhD candidate at the Centre for European Economic Law and Governance of University of Wroclaw. She holds two degrees – master of law from University of Wroclaw and master of law and finance from Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main). During her PhD studies, she completed a short-term internship with European Central Bank and conducted research as a Junior Academic Visitor at Commercial Law Centre (University of Oxford) and as a Visiting Scholar at Duke University School of Law. Katarzyna has been an active member of EBI Young Researcher Group since 2018.

Her thesis is supervised by Prof. Dariusz Adamski (University of Wroclaw) and will be also reviewed by Prof. Lawrence Baxter (Duke University School of Law) and Prof. Jacek Jastrzębski (University of Warsaw, Head of Polish Financial Supervisory Authority).

The event will be hosted on Cisco WebEx and you can access it following this link. The access code is “vwsphd1”.

We are looking very much forward to welcoming you on 7th May.