PRESS RELEASE – EBI Malta Conference (2017) – EBI Europe

PRESS RELEASE – EBI Malta Conference (2017)

Press Release

The European Banking Institute, a non-profit organisation based in Frankfurt, Germany, is an international centre for banking studies resulting from the joint venture of the most highly regarded European academic institutions which have decided to share and coordinate their commitments and structure their research activities in order to provide the highest quality legal and economic studies in the fields of banking regulation and supervision in Europe.

Together with the Malta Financial Services Authority and under the auspices of the Malta Presidency of the EU, EBI organised the banking conference on the “Reflections on competent authorities’ “measures” in EU banking law” in Malta on 9th June 2017. Prof. Joseph Bannister, Chairman of the MFSA, stated: “I am very happy to work together with EBI and I am looking forward to further joint conventions in the future.” Dr. Thomas Gstaedtner, President of the Supervisory Board of EBI, added: “It was a very successful conference and I feel honoured at the opportunity of having worked alongside the MFSA.” Dr. Gstaedner further commented that the collaboration with the MFSA and other European financial authorities is important to the success of the EBI. He is enthusiastic about the idea of combining national and European expertise and thereby promoting the Institute’s goal to becoming not only the point of reference for banking regulation research in Europe but also an instrument to facilitate the interactions between academia, supervisors, regulators and industry.


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