In December 2017, the European Banking Institute established the Young Researchers Group for PhD researchers of European universities on the initiative of Lynette Janssen (Leiden University) and Agnieszka Smoleńska (European University Institute). The Young Researchers Group is supported by the EBI Academic Board Members Profs. Filippo Annunziata and Ignacio Tirado.

The YRG is an inter-disciplinary and international platform for exchange and mutual learning for early stage researchers in the rapidly developing area of banking law and policy. Under the wings of the EBI, the YRG conducts research, promotes debate and dialogue between young researchers in relation to issues concerning regulation and supervision of financial institutions and financial markets.


12 May 2022:
The Bright Side of Transparency: Evidence from Supervisory Capital Requirements – Ixart-Miquel Flores (ECB and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)

3rd YRG Virtual Workshop Session
17 June 2020: Squaring monetary solidarity and responsibility in the post-Covid-19 crisis: Legitimacy concerns and institutional challenges – Cecilia del Barrio Arleo, Ph.D. (University of Trento)
2nd YRG Virtual Workshop Session

20 May 2020: The PSPP judgement by the German Constitutional Court from a constitutional perspective – Jonas Schürger (Bonn University, 2020)

1st YRG Virtual Workshop Session

16 April 2020: Perspectives on insurance group supervisionLukas Böffel (Free University Berlin, 2020)

PhD Series

3 Videos

6 October 2021:
Collateral Transactions and Shadow Banking – Ross Spence (Leiden University)

Conference Report on the 3rd EBI Policy Conference 2021 

“Recovery and Growth in a PostPandemic EU” 
by Elli Anastopoulou and Jonas Schürger

Table of Contents

A. Introduction
B. First Day – 3rd November 2021
I. Session 1: Post-pandemic fiscal priorities for the euro area
II. Session 2: Banks after the pandemic crisis
III. Conclusion
C. Second Day – 4th November 2021
I. Session 1: Post-pandemic recovery and growth models
II. Session 2: Post-pandemic regulatory reforms to completion of the Banking Union
D. Concluding Remarks

Conference Report on the 2nd EBI Policy Conference 2020 

“Europe and the Covid-19 Crisis – Looking back and looking forward”
by Lukas Böffel

Table of Contents

A. Introduction
B. First Day – 4th November 2020
I. Session 1: Europe’s response to the Covid-19-crisis
II. Session 2: The Monetary Policy response of the ECB to the Covid-19-crisis
III. Session 3: The Supervisory Approach of the SSM to the pandemic crisis
C. Second Day – 5th November 2020
I. Session 4: Banking Resolution in times of Covid-19 – Lessons learned from the crisis
II. Session 5: Banking Regulation in Covid-19 – Do we need changes to our regulatory framework?
III. Session 6: The European Parliament’s (ECON Committee) response to the Covid-19-crisis
D. Concluding Remarks