The Young Researchers Group (YRG)

The Young Researchers Group (YRG)

In December 2017, the European Banking Institute established the Young Researchers Group for PhD researchers of European universities on the initiative of Lynette Janssen (Leiden University) and Agnieszka Smoleńska (European University Institute). YRG is supported by EBI Academic Board Members Profs. Matthias Haentjens and Ignacio Tirado.

The YRG is an inter-disciplinary and international platform for exchange and mutual learning for early stage researchers in the rapidly developing area of banking law and policy. Under the wings of the EBI, the YRG conducts research, promotes debate and dialogue between young researchers in relation to issues concerning regulation and supervision of financial institutions and financial markets.

Specific Events and Projects
Members YRG – Cohort 2019-2021

Ioannis Asimakopoulos (University of Luxembourg), Alessio Azzutti (University of Hamburg), Lukas Böffel (Free University Berlin), Carlos Bosque (University of Madrid), Evariest Callens (Ghent University), María Cecilia Del Barrio Arleo (University of Trento), Tsany Tarna Dewi (University of Luxembourg), Elena Ghibellini (University of Bologna), Petja Ivanova (Heidelberg University), Roderic Kermarec (University of Oxford), Lukas Köhler (University of Munich), Pier Mario Lupinu (University of Luxembourg), Katarzyna Parchimowicz (University of Wroclaw), Francesca Pellegrini (University of Bologna), Promitheas Peridis (European University Institute), Jonas Schürger (University of Bonn), Ross Spence (Leiden Law School), Jouke Tegelaar (Leiden University), Anna Camilla Visconti (University of Pescara).

The group is coordinated by Jonas Schürger ( and Lukas Böffel (

Further information

The EBI YRG Programme is reserved to PhD students who are currently enrolled in a university officially recognised by an EEA country public authority and who are researching on banking regulation and supervision or any other area which is or will be part of the EBI YRG Programme. The EBI Academic Board decides on the admittance of participants.

If you would like to apply to become a member, please contact Claudia Collins ( for the application form. Kindly note that the application process takes place with an annual cut of date 1 June;  the application cut-off date for the next intake is 1 June 2021.