Corporate Governance

Working Group on Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance Working Group brings together representatives of the Academic Members and Supporting Members to promote dialogue and research in the area of Corporate Governance. It facilitates an examination of current regulation through the lens of cutting-edge interdisciplinary scholarship and practical experience on issues including: remuneration; board composition; time commitment; risk management; diversity; culture; and fitness and probity. This Working Group also seeks to identify and explore new and useful avenues of research and to disseminate research findings. By engaging in such a collaborative exercise, it is hoped that the Working Group might make a contribution to the development of better regulation in this vitally important field.

Prof. Dr. Blanaid Clarke, Trinity College Dublin, is the academic leader of this Working Group and Olivier Beaume, La Fédération nationale des Caisses d’Epargne, is the Chair.


Prof. Dr. Blanaid Clarke

Olivier Beaume

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