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Prof. Dr. Ciprian Necula


The Bucharest University of Economic Studies in Romania is one of the most prestigious public universities in the country. Founded in 1913, by Royal Decree, it strengthened its national leading position in the field of economics. Among the new strategic priorities of the university’s mission are: enhancement of multi and interdisciplinary scientific research and innovation, visible impact on the community and higher internationalization.

With its 12 faculties, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies offers a wide and comprehensive range of programs in the fields of economics, business, public administration, sociology, and business law. The university currently provides: 24 Bachelor’s programs; 84 Master’s programs; 3 international MBA programs, with double degrees; 10 doctoral programs.

The university manages over 170 institutional and bilateral mobility agreements concluded with educational partners from over 40 countries from Europe, Asia and America, which demonstrate the university’s ability to internalize the values ​​of international partnerships.

Having a history of more than 60 years, the Faculty of Finance and Banking represents a prestigious benchmark of Romanian academic education in the field of finance and banking, by training specialists with a thorough knowledge and understanding in the fields of banking, capital markets, public finance, corporate finance, taxation and insurance. Through its academic curricula, teaching staff professionalism characterized by extensive practical and academic expertise, and desire to unveil the multifaceted and interconnected world of finance and related areas, the faculty succeeded to impose itself as a prestigious milestone in the Romanian academic environment.

Given that the financial market is constantly the subject of regulatory changes, the academic training performed within the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in this field has to prove the same dynamics, in order to make sure that our graduates acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding, to successfully face the challenges imposed on by the ongoing developments of the financial and economic environment.

The Faculty is supported in the academic and research activities by two departments: Department of Finance and Department of Money and Banking.

The Department of Money and Banking carries out teaching and research activities in the field of money and banking (in terms of financial operations, banking products and services, risk management and performance, financial assets valuation, econometrics applied to banking activity, strategies of monetary policy, bank regulation and supervision, financial stability) and capital markets.

The Department of Finance provides teaching and research activities in the fields of corporate finance, public finance, taxation, insurance and financial markets.

The teaching staff within the two departments is affiliated to the faculty’s research centers, according to their research interests.

The Center for Advanced Research in Finance and Banking (CARFIB) was established in 2009. CARFIB members are involved in national and international research projects, in areas such as macro-econometric modeling, asset pricing, monetary and fiscal policy, regional policy, economic growth models, enhancing competitiveness etc.

The Center for Financial and Monetary Research (CEFIMO) came into existence in 2000. The Center aims at a systematic and consistent development of research within the following areas: financial markets, monetary and banking system, international finance, public finance, corporate finance, insurance. The projects undertaken by both centers benefitted from both national and international funding (European Union, World Bank, CERGE-EI etc).


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