Labex ReFi, Paris, France

Prof. Dr. Christian de BoissieuProf. Dr. Christian de Boissieu


The Excellency Laboratory on Financial Regulation (Labex ReFi) was created under the initiative of Cnam, Ena, Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University and ESCP Europe (the Project initiator) as part of the “Grand Emprunt” plan.

The governance of the Labex ReFi is organized around a Scientific Council under the supervision of Christian de Boissieu, a Strategic Orientation Council composed of regulators, practitioners and academics and an Executive board where the founding institutions are represented.

The Labex ReFi is a research facility dedicated to the evaluation of policies regulation. Its objective is, first, to enhance our understanding of the financial systems’ functioning and the manner to regulate it. In addition to this primary goal, it aims at providing an independent “advise” and “guidance” to the policy making through its academic expertise.

The Labex ReFi is a multidisciplinary laboratory where economists, accountants, financiers and jurists from different institutions work together. All these fields of research are focused on regulation through their own tools, languages and systems of incentives and evaluations. Indeed, the aim of Labex ReFi’s is to help our different researchers, with their specific background, to work together to produce “useful” research, material to policymakers. This is an important challenge since regulation has been addressed following lone approaches. Indeed, each field has been addressing this topic from its own perspective without perfectly considering the cross fields’ issues.


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