Governing Bodies

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board defines and supervises the overall strategy of the European Banking Institute and ensures compliance of the activities of the Institute with its objectives. The Supervisory Board is in charge of governance and membership in the Institute. Leadership of the Supervisory Board:


Dr. Thomas Gstädtner

President of the Supervisory Board

Thomas Gstädtner is President of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the General Assembly of the European Banking Institute. Thomas Gstädtner is Head of Division in a major public European institution located in Frankfurt, Germany.


Enrico Leone


Enrico Leone is the Chancellor of the European Banking Institute and Member of the Supervisory Board. Enrico Leone is a lawyer in banking and financial regulation coordinating the European banking regulation group for a mayor international law firm.

Members of the Executive Board:

  • Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Tobias Tröger
  • Deputy Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Otto Gassner
  • Treasurer: Prof. Dr. Michael Elicker

Management Functions:

  • Administrative Manager: Pascal Di Prima