Programme – EBI Europe

Research Programme

Academic Working Programme

By its research, the EBI aims to contribute to and evaluate the quality of bank regulation, supervision and enforcement in the EU with a view to promoting financial stability, market efficiency and the equitable treatment of stakeholders. The EBI is currently engaging in scholarly research in the following areas:

  • Enhancements of the Single Rule Book and issues concerning convergence of supervisory practice in the EU;
  • Proportionality of banking supervision laws, the limitation of risk orientated approaches and interaction between ICAAP/ILAAP and the SREP process;
  • The interaction between early intervention measures and resolution planning and the need for pairing the SSM and SRM objectives;
  • Bank business models, structural separation of trading and banking activities and profitability objectives;
  • Interaction between macroprudential and microprudential supervision, discretion of EU authorities and issues concerning a European level playing field;
  • The foundations of enhanced supervision of significant and systemically important institutions: accounting, auditing, capital adequacy, cross border risk management and resolvability;
  • Alignment of bank supervision, recovery and resolution objectives with principles of common insolvency law;
  • Legal systems governing banks and their openness to innovation including FinTech;
  • Individual rights in the financial regulatory structure including judicial adjudication of matters concerning market supervision in the EU and an impact assessment of the establishment of a specialised EU court;
  • Corporate governance models and remuneration policies for banks and the implementation of the governance provisions in the CRD IV package.

The research is geared to result in top end publications and other outputs such as papers in leading academic journals, contributions to research conferences and seminars, and policy guidance.


Working Paper Series

The EBI Working Paper Series publishes research conducted within the EBI network and makes it immediately available to the academic community and all other interested parties. Researchers from EBI Academic Members submit papers to an editorial board comprised of one executive editor and several advisory editors drawn from EBI’s Academic Members. The editorial board reviews the papers to decide on their inclusion in the Working Paper Series.

EBI Working Papers are included in the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Legal Scholarship Network (LSN) Research Paper Series.

Discussion Paper Series

The Discussion Paper Series capitalises on the expertise of researchers within the EBI network who comment on topical issues in banking supervision, for instance on announced or pending legislative or regulatory initiatives. The EBI Discussion Paper Series is intended to provide research based advice to policy makers in the field.