Working Group on FinTech and Digital Finance

The Working Group on FinTech and Digital Finance of the European Banking Institute (EBI) gathers academics, regulators and practitioners who engage in formal and informal exchanges of views on topics relating to the role of technology in financial services and the impact of digitalization to promote dialogue and research in the field. It encompasses financial and market infrastructure, financial stability and payment systems’ oversight and highlights the current challenges in order to give impetus to innovative regulatory and practical solutions. It also benefits from academic publications and ongoing research as well as from practical experience and insights from policymakers.

By engaging in such collaborative exercise, it is expected that the Working Group will make a contribution to the further development of appropriate policies and instruments to implement them, which are crucial for ensuring monetary and financial stability in the European Union.

The academic co-leaders of this Working Group are Prof. Dirk Zetzsche, University of Luxembourg, and Prof. Luca Enriques, University of Oxford.

Prof. Dirk Zetzsche

University of Luxembourg

Prof. Luca Enriques

University of Oxford

Terms of Reference

Exchange of information

Facilitate the dissemination of draft working papers or contribute raw information and other early stage research among interested EBI members on individual topics relating to financial technologies with a view to gathering relevant data, sharing views, engaging in constructive debate and developing ideas. Conference calls may be organised to facilitate this exchange of information.

Promotion of research

Encourage members of the EBI Academic Board, Associate Researchers Group and Young Researchers Group, as well as other scholars with an interest in FinTech to lead research in the individual topics identified with a view to producing working papers for the EBI Working Paper Series and/or other publishing outlets.

Internal cooperation

Schedule a conference call, as often as the topics require, in order to report to the members of the Working Group on its work, including its research priorities and research outputs and facilitate the updating of the list of topics relating to FinTech law, regulation and policy.

Cooperation with the European Supervisory Authorities, the ECB, the ESRB, the FSB and national competent authorities

  1. Establish an ongoing cooperation with the members and staff of the EU supervisory system in order to discuss issues of common interest in the field of FinTech in the European Union (EU) and circulate among them research papers produced by the EBI academic members and other scholars specialised in that field. Where appropriate there will also be involvement with national competent authorities.
  2. Organise conferences as the legal and policy developments justify, for instance on the EU Digital Finance Action plan.
  3. Sustain a dialogue with these institutions, agencies and fora about which data (either non-confidential or anonymised) could be made available for research purposes.

Broader dissemination of work – organisation of events

Encourage the organisation of workshops, seminars, and conferences to present the research produced to a wider audience.

List of Relevant Topics

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Publications from EBI Academic Members

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Seminars / Conferences

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