Progamme Structure

Teaching activities, programmed to take place between November 2020 and November 2021, will be held at the premises of the “Umberto Eco” International Centre in via Marsala 26, Bologna. Classes will be organised on Fridays (mornings and afternoons) and Saturdays (mornings), in such a way to allow enrolled students to simultaneously pursue their professional activities.

The Executive Master pairs theoretical expertise with 450-hour internships in credit institutions, financial firms, consultancy firms or law firms. As an alternative to the internship, participants who are already professionally active in the field are given the option of presenting an individual Project Work, to be previously agreed with the Director of the Master.

Participants shall also attend additional seminars held by high level experts and organised by the Master, to further delve into issues currently at the forefront of regulatory developments in the field.

The assessment of the level of expertise individually achieved at the end of each course shall be done through a written exam, evaluation of classwork’s participation and may include project work or moot court organised in the context of each course.

In a final work at the end of the Master, students will develop an in-depth analysis of a specific topic of practical salience, both from a theoretical and applicative perspective, under the guidance of a supervisor.