EBI Regulatory Report #154

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EBI Report
Economic Policy and Financial Regulation Measures:
International, EU and Euro Area Levels
(18 November 2023)

Professor Dr. Christos V. Gortsos and Georgios Zervakis, LLM candidate
(Law School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

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Main developments during the week 13 – 17 November 2023:

17 November 

  • Council of the EU: Banking Union: agreement on common position on Daisy Chains 
  • EBA: publication of final templates to collect climate-related data from EU banks 
  • EBA: monitoring of IFRS 9 implementation by EU institutions confirming need to timely address practices misaligned with expectations 

16 November 

  • Decision (EU) 2023/2532 of the ECB of 9 November 2023 amending Decision (EU) 2022/911 concerning the terms and conditions of TARGET-ECB (OJ L, 2023/2532, 16.11.2023) 
  • ESRB: Christine Lagarde – The ESRB’s first general warning one year on 
  • European Court of Auditors: Special report 26/2023: The Recovery and Resilience Facility’s performance monitoring framework – Measuring implementation progress but not sufficient to capture performance (OJ C, C/2023/796, 16.11.2023) 
  • IOSCO: Policy Recommendations for Crypto and Digital Asset Markets 

15 November 

  • European Commission: Inflation forecast to drop further and EU economy to show modest upturn 
  • Basel Committee on Banking Supervision: Digital fraud and banking: supervisory and financial stability implications, Discussion paper 
  • ECB/SSM: Post-Brexit stocktake and the way forward 
  • ECB/SSM: Key observations from the 2023 horizontal analysis of IT and cyber risk 
  • ECB/SSM: SREP IT Risk Questionnaire 2023 
  • ECB/SSM: IT and cybersecurity: no grounds for complacency 
  • ECB/SSM: Suptech: thriving in the digital age 
  • ESRB: Intermediation in US and EU bond and swap markets: stylised facts, trends and impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in March 2020 
  • ESRB: The transmission of macroprudential policy in the tails: evidence from a narrative approach 

14 November 

  • Financial Stability Board: FSB Plenary meeting in Basel 
  • EBA: announcement of timing for publication of 2023 EU-wide transparency exercise and Risk Assessment Report 

13 November 

  • ESAs: publication of amended technical standards on the mapping of External Credit Assessment Institutions 
  • ESMA and EU CCPs: participation in a Global fire-drill