EBI Regulatory Report #168

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EBI Report
Economic Policy and Financial Regulation Measures:
International, EU and Euro Area Levels
(10 March 2024)

Professor Dr. Christos V. Gortsos and Daphne Farmaki
(Law School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

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Main developments during the week 4 – 8 March 2024:

8 March

  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2024/348 of 19 January 2024 amending the implementing technical standards laid down in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/2070 as regards benchmark portfolios, reporting templates and reporting instructions for the reporting referred to in Article 78(2) CRD IV (OJ L, 2024/348, 08.03.2024)
  • Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2024/796 of 4 March 2024 amending the implementing technical standards laid down in Implementing Regulation (EU) No 650/2014 as regards the information to be disclosed by competent authorities in accordance with the CRD IV (OJ L, 2024/796, 08.03.2024)
  • EBA: consultation on Guidelines on redemption plans under the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation
  • Directive (EU) 2024/790 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 February 2024 amending Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II) (OJ L, 2024/790, 08.03.2024)
  • Regulation (EU) 2024/791 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 February 2024 amending Regulation (EU) No 600/2014 (MiFIR) as regards enhancing data transparency, removing obstacles to the emergence of consolidated tapes, optimising the trading obligations and prohibiting receiving payment for order flow (OJ L, 2024/791, 08.03.2024)

7 March

  • ECB/Eurosystem: Monetary policy decisions:
  • Opinion of the ECB of 7 March 2024 on requiring credit institutions to provide a minimum cash infrastructure (CON/2024/8)
  • ECB Governing Council: Statement on advancing the Capital Markets Union
  • OECD: Governments and firms need to address the key risks from a sharp increase in global bond borrowing
  • Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS): Global systemically important banks – revised assessment framework
  • BCBS: Banks’ window-dressing of the G-SIB framework: causal evidence from a quantitative impact study
  • BCBS: G-SIB denominators and scores dynamics: a ten-year assessment
  • BCBS: consultation on measures to address window-dressing in the G-SIB framework
  • SRB: Tackling trading book risk in resolution

6 March

  • BCBS: Basel III Monitoring Report
  • BCBS: Basel III capital ratios for largest global banks were largely stable and above pre-pandemic levels in the first half of 2023
  • Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2024/818 of 28 November 2023 amending the regulatory technical standards laid down in Delegated Regulation (EU) No 153/2013 as regards the extension of temporary emergency measures on CCP collateral requirements (OJ L, 2024/818, 06.03.2024)

5 March

  • EBA: final Guidelines on national lists or registers of credit servicers

4 March

  • Opinion of the ECB of 4 March 2024 on the rounding of cash payment (CON/2024/7)
  • BIS Quarterly Review March 2024 – International banking and financial market developments
  • EBA: consultation on draft technical standards on off-balance sheet items under the standardised approach of credit risk
  • IFRS Foundation Monitoring Board: reaffirmation of the importance of ongoing oversight of the standard-setting activities and governance of the IFRS Foundation