Reflections on the cooperation between ECB/SRB and NCA/NRAs in the SSM/SRM – EBI Europe

Tallinn, Estonia, 29 November 2017: “Reflections on the cooperation between ECB/SRB and NCA/NRAs in the SSM/SRM”

An EBI Conference jointly organised with the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) and the University of Tartu under the auspices of the Estonia Presidency of the EU 

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EBI – Estonia Conference Programme (29 Nov 2017)

Conference Presentations:

Kilvar Kessler – “NPLs as a European problem. Lessons from Estonia and the Estonian Presidency strategy” (EBI – Tallinn 29-11-2017)

Annunziata Lamandini – “The ECB exclusive competence, the relationship between “Reflections on the cooperation between ECB:SRB and NCA:NRAs in the SSM:SSR” (EBI Tallinn 29-11-2017)

Karl-Philipp Wojcik – “The ECB’s and NCAs’ supervisory responsibilities over LSIs and as consolidated supervisor – procedural and judicial implications” (EBI Tallinn 29-11-2017)

Andreas Witte – “ECB specific supervisory powers granted under national law not explicitly mentioned in Union law, ECB approach to corporate governance supervision and ECB power to give instructions to the NCAs” (EBI Tallinn 29-11-2017)

Bart Joosen – “The ECB/ NCAs coordination in the supervision of SIs under Article 6 SSMR and the Framework Regulation: procedural and judicial implications and the challenges posed by compound and common procedures” (EBI Tallinn 29-11-2017)

Raffaele Dambrosio – “The SSM and the SRM – Information sharing, confidentiality and disclosure to third parties” (EBI Tallin 29-11-2017)

Yves Herinckx – SRB and NRAs – the challenges to an effective judicial protection (EBI Tallinn 29-11-2017)

Nadege Jassaud – “Information sharing, supervisory coordination and resolution planning on foreign banks with European activities and on European banks with foreign operations” (EBI Tallinn 29-11-2017)

Dimitrios Goranitis (Deloitte) – Challenges related to coordination among UK and EU banking supervisory and resolution authority after Brexit (EBI Tallinn 29-11-2017)

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