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Prof. Dr. Dariusz Adamski


History of the University of Wrocław goes back to 1702, when it was funded by the Austrian Emperor Leopold I. Later on it evolved from a religious educational institution to the public research entity that produced 9 Nobel prize winners before the WWII.

Today, it is one of the largest and the best universities in Poland, hosting over 26000 undergraduate and graduate students, including 1400 doctoral students. Its ten Faculties offer a broad range of courses taught in Polish and English in more than 40 areas of study. Scholars and students cooperate with many foreign educational centres within international learning programs such as Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, ISEP and CEEPUS.

The Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics is the biggest department of the University of Wrocław, offering educational programs from bachelor to doctoral and postgraduate degrees. The main entity involved in the cooperation with the EBI is the Centre for European Economic Law and Governance (CEELG). It was established in early 2017 as a research and teaching unit concentrated on the aspects of European economic integration with implications for EU law and governance. Areas of particular interest to the researchers of the CEELG are broad in scope, covering:

  • laws, institutions and policies of the Economic and Monetary Union,
  • European financial markets law and policy,
  • European trade and tax arrangements,
  • European climate and energy policies,
  • European frameworks for technology and innovation, as well as
  • redistribution and welfare policies at national and European levels.

Members of the Centre are interested in how rules, institutional actors and their policies interact with real-life developments and how to improve these interactions for the benefit of the European societies. For this reason, the Centre’s research is inherently interdisciplinary and future-oriented. The mission statement of the CEELG can is available here.

As the field of banking and financial regulation is in itself broad and multidisciplinary, there are also scholars affiliated with other Departments of the Faculty (such as the Department of Financial Law or the Institute of Economics) whose research overlaps with the research of the CEELG and with whom it cooperates in the pursuit of the most comprehensive approach to its areas of its interest.


Uniwersytet Wrocławski
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