EBI Regulatory Report #158

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EBI Report
Economic Policy and Financial Regulation Measures:
International, EU and Euro Area Levels
(17 December 2023)

Professor Dr. Christos V. Gortsos and Georgios Zervakis, LLM candidate
(Law School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

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Main developments during the week 11 – 15 December 2023:

15 December

  • ECB/Eurosystem: Decisions taken by the Governing Council of the ECB (in addition to decisions setting interest rates)
  • Financial Stability Board (FSB): outline of work to further increase the resolvability of banks, central counterparties and insurers
  • EBA: publication of Guidance to assess the knowledge and experience of the management or administrative organ of a credit servicer
  • EBA: proposal for a voluntary EU green loan label to help spur markets
  • CMDI reform: the SRB view
  • IOSCO: Recommendations on Accounting for Goodwill
  • IOSCO: Statement on online harm
  • ESMA: New Q&As
  • ESMA: consultation on potential changes to the CSDR penalty mechanism
  • ESMA: consultation on draft guidelines for supervision of corporate sustainability information

14 December

  • ECB/Eurosystem: Monetary policy decisions
  • Eurosystem staff macroeconomic projections for the euro area, December 2023
  • Decision (EU) 2023/2796 of the ECB of 4 December 2023 amending Decision (EU) 2022/1981 on the use of services of the European System of Central Banks by competent authorities (ECB/2022/33) (ECB/2023/30) (OJ L, 2023/2796, 14.12.2023)
  • Basel Committee on Banking Supervision: Cryptoasset standard amendments
  • IADI Report: The 2023 banking turmoil and deposit insurance systems: Potential implications and emerging policy issues
  • EBA: consultation on draft technical standards on market and counterparty credit risk as part of its roadmap for the implementation of the Banking Package in the EU
  • EBA: publication of Roadmap on the implementation of the EU Banking Package
  • EBA: consultation on the amendments to the Pillar 3 disclosure and supervisory reporting frameworks in the context of the implementation of the Basel III reforms in the EU
  • EBA: publication of discussion paper on the centralisation of EEA banks Pillar 3 disclosures in the EBA Pillar 3 data hub
  • SRB: public consultation on the future review of MREL
  • IOSCO: Consultation Report on Market Outages
  • ESMA: proposal for changes and updates timeline for its Guidelines on funds’ names
  • ESMA: Recommendations on digitalisation of retail investment services

13 December

  • ESMA: launch of and participation in Common Supervisory Action on ESG disclosures for Benchmarks Administrators

12 December

  • Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2023/2779 of 6 September 2023 supplementing [the CRR] with regard to regulatory technical standards specifying the criteria for the identification of shadow banking entities referred to in Article 394(2) of Regulation [CRR] (OJ L, 2023/2779, 12.12.2023)
  • EBA: The EU banking sector remains resilient despite pockets of risk stemming from the change in interest rates
  • EBA: issue of revised list of ITS validation rules
  • ESMA: publication annual peer review of EU CCP supervision

11 December

  • ECB/Eurosystem: Product Environmental Footprint study of euro banknotes as a payment instrument
  • EBA: publication of peer review on supervision of creditors’ treatment of mortgage borrowers in arrears under the Mortgage Credit Directive
  • ESAs: recommendations on steps to improve activities of innovation facilitators across the European Economic Area