Press Release – EBI nomination of the first researcher for the sponsored programme on securitisation – EBI Europe

Press Release – EBI nomination of the first researcher for the sponsored programme on securitisation

Following the launch in June this year of an EBI research programme in the areas of securitisation and capital markets union in cooperation with TSI (True Sale International), the selection of the researcher was conducted out of a list of high-profile candidatures. The sponsoring of this programme is being carried out by the project “Capital Markets Union” undertaken by three Foundations and is academically driven by the EBI.

Ms. Sara Göthlin, from Stockholm University, which is part of the EBI network, was selected to carry out her project research on the “Legal Enforceability of Payment Waterfalls”. For this purpose, Ms. Göthlin will benefit from EUR 10.000 granted by the Foundations, as well as from the academic and professional support of the EBI and TSI networks.

The nomination was the result of a thorough assessment process which was carried out by a selection committee composed of highly reputed EBI academics and practitioners. The personal merits of the candidates were taken into account, as well as the quality of their project research.

The President of the Supervisory Board of EBI, Dr. Thomas Gstädtner, has commented upon the outcome of the selection process: “I am proud that EBI was able to match the need for academic research in the area of securitisation and to whet the appetite of young researchers to explore the real-life applicability of the financial industry. Connecting the dots between these worlds which deal with the same reality through banking and financial regulation is the essence of EBI. My strongest wish is that we will be able to replicate this programme in the area of securitisation and in many others in order to research for ‘out of the box’ regulatory avenues which are fit for a stronger European economy”.

EBI and TSI are planning to jointly continue this programme on an annual basis as they both aim for a fruitful and long-standing co-operation.