EBI Global Annual Conference 2022

"Greening the Bond Market: A European Endeavour"

The European academic joint venture for research on banking regulation

The European Banking Institute based in Frankfurt is an international centre for banking studies resulting from the joint venture of Europe’s preeminent academic institutions which have decided to share and coordinate their commitments and structure their research activities in order to provide the highest quality legal, economic and accounting studies in the field of banking regulation, banking supervision and banking resolution in Europe.

The European Banking Institute is structured to promote the dialogue between scholars, regulators, supervisors, industry representatives and advisors in relation to issues concerning the regulation and supervision of financial institutions and financial markets from a legal, economic and any other related viewpoint.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce interdisciplinary, focused, relevant and worthwhile banking research; to stimulate synergistic debate between academics, policy makers, supervisors and supervised; to make recommendations, develop ideas and devise new strategies on banking in Europe; and to share our research outputs through publications, seminars and conferences.

The EBI is an independent European academic joint venture where the Academic Members act in full independence. It maintains close links with practitioners who are part of the Advisory Board together with regulators in order to provide a forum for debate and innovative ideas in the area of banking regulation. Practitioners are also Supporting Members, while not having any voting rights within the EBI.

 The role of the EBI is to assist the top academics in the field of banking regulation in developing new ideas through academic researches which topics and methodology are chosen freely, and which outcome is fully independent. The EBI also endeavours to bring their research to the attention of interested parties, in particular EU decision makers.

 The EBI also aims to promote cross EU research in order to pool the experiences and to use synergies, and to support young researchers through a programme which facilitates their academic activities as well as their training.

In a nutshell, it uses the power of research to make banking regulation evolve in a direction which benefits the European economy and society.

News about the Institute

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